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Two-Member Cases

Decisions Issued by Two-Member Board

Below is a list compiled by the NLRB of contested cases that resulted in 554 decisions issued between January 1, 2008 and April 5, 2010, while the Board had only two members. On June 17, 2010, a divided Supreme Court ruled that the two-member Board was not authorized to issue decisions. (See background material here). Further information on individual cases is available by clicking on the case name.

Case status definitions are at the bottom of this page.

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Case Number Case Name Statussort ascending
30-CA-017104 Baptista's Bakery, Inc. Closed
30-CA-018129 United Kiser Services, LLC Closed
29-CA-027317 Phantom Demolition Corp Closed
29-CA-027502 Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center Closed
29-CA-027930 Iberia Road Markings Corp. Closed
30-CA-017472 Clarke Manufacturing, Inc. Closed
28-CA-022651 Walgreens  Corporation Closed
30-CA-017695 Air Climate Systems, Inc. and All Climate Systems, Inc. Closed
30-CA-018389 Pabst Theater Foundation, Inc. Closed
28-CA-022476 NV Energy, Inc. Closed
32-CA-023051 United Parcel Service Closed
30-CD-000170 Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters (Complete Thermal Systems, Inc.) Closed
31-CA-026970 Area Trade Bindery Closed
31-CA-026120 Allied Mechanical Closed
33-CA-015319 Quebecor World Mt. Morris Closed
33-CA-015303 Hamilton Sundstrand Closed
34-CA-009365 Stanadyne Automotive Corp. Closed
32-CA-023911 Nazareth Healthcare/Santa Cruz Skilled Nursing Center, Inc. Closed
34-CA-011385 Chef Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Pennant Foods, subsidiary of Questor, Inc. Closed


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