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eFiling / eService

What is the deadline for E-filing? Can I request an extension?

E-Filed documents must be filed using the Agency's website before midnight in the time zone of the receiving office. NLRB Official Office Hours are listed in Appendix A to the Board's Rules and Regulations, which can be found under the "Publications" tab on the home page of the NLRB's website. Regional Office hours of operation can also be found here. Requests for extension of time are made by completing an online form.

What is E-Service?

"E-Service" is the electronic service of final Board and ALJ decisions on parties to Board cases. Parties who register for E-Service will receive, immediately upon posting of the Board's daily E-Docket on its website, an e-mail constituting formal notice of the Board's or Judge's decision and an electronic link to the decision. E-Service notifications will be sent at the close of the business day at NLRB headquarters in Washington, D.C. (5:00 p.m. Eastern Time). Final Board and ALJ decisions will not be mailed to parties who sign up for E-Service.

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