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Region 16


16 - Fort Worth

819 Taylor Street
Room 8A24
Fort Worth, TX 76102-6178
Latitude: 32.750171000000
Longitude: -97.331473000000
(817) 978-2921
(817) 978-2928
(817) 978-2238
8:15am - 4:45pm CT

16 - Houston

Mickey Leland Federal Building
1919 Smith Street
Suite 1545
Houston, TX 77002
Latitude: 29.751829900000
Longitude: -95.373503400000
(713) 209-4888
(713) 209-4890
(713) 209-3056
8:00am - 4:30pm CT

16 - San Antonio

615 East Houston Street
Suite 559
San Antonio, TX 78205-1711
Latitude: 29.427191900000
Longitude: -98.486463000000
(210) 472-6140
(210) 472-6143
(210) 472-6150
9:00am - 5:30pm CT

Martha Kinard

Martha Kinard was appointed Regional Director of the Fort Worth, Texas Regional Office (Region 16) in 2006.  Ms. Kinard began her NLRB career in 1978 as a Field Attorney in the Fort Worth Office and in 1983 was appointed Supervisory Field Attorney.  In 1990, Ms. Kinard was appointed Regional Attorney of the same office.

A native of Colorado City, TX, Ms. Kinard received her Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1974 and her J.D. degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1977.

Texas plastic surgery center settles charges of unlawful firings and retaliation

A plastic surgery center in Dallas has agreed to pay more than $300,000 to settle charges that it unlawfully fired two employees and then sued one of them in state court after she sought help from the NLRB's Fort Worth office.

The center, Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center, PA, also agreed to drop the state lawsuit, to rescind a rule prohibiting wage discussions by employees, and to cease paying its attorney to unlawfully and coercively represent its employees.  The National Labor Relations Board issued an order on May 29, 2013 approving the terms of the formal settlement.

NLRB To Seek Supreme Court Review in Noel Canning v. NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board has determined not to seek en banc rehearing in Noel Canning v. NLRB, in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit held that the January 4, 2012 recess appointments of three members to the Board were invalid.  The Board, in consultation with the Department of Justice, intends to file a petition for certiorari with the United States Supreme Court for review of that decision.  The petition for certiorari is due on April 25, 2013. 

Board finds Houston engineering firm unlawfully fired employee for discussing salaries with coworkers

The National Labor Relations Board has found that a Texas engineering firm unlawfully fired an employee for discussing salary information with co-workers, and ordered the company to offer reinstatement and to pay back wages for the time out of work.

Texas manufacturer to pay more than $58,000 and reinstate workers in NLRB settlement

Baked-goods manufacturer Sterling Foods, LLC, has agreed to pay more than $58,000 in back pay and interest to six employees who were discharged in the fall of 2011 following a union organizing campaign.  Three of the employees have also accepted offers of reinstatement to their previous jobs. 

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local Union No. 455 filed charges alleging the employer engaged in multiple unfair labor practices during and after the union’s attempt to organize about 500 employees at the San Antonio, Texas facility. An election petition was not filed.


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