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OUTREACH EVENT--SW PA LERA Informational Meeting--Right to Work

RD Robert Chester and DRD Kim Siegert attended the Southwestern PA Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association and the Robert Morris University School of Business, March 26, 2013 luncheon meeting described below.

Right to work: Free association or freeloading?

Right to join vs. Union security - Myth vs. fact.

Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act authorizes individual states to prohibit private sector employers and their unions from agreeing to either exclude the hiring of non-union workers or requiring payment of union fees in lieu of membership. Just last year, Indiana and Michigan, home to the mighty UAW, shocked the industrial relations community by joining the list of 24 states that have passed right-to-work legislation. What’s happening in Ohio? Is this Union bashing or the freedom to choose?

There were approximately 50 in attendance.

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