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Announcements are notices of personnel and other administrative changes at the NLRB.

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Release Date Document Subjectsort ascending
02/03/2011 William Baudler named NLRB Regional Director in Oakland
01/08/2014 Ventris C. Gibson Named NLRB Director of Administration
01/18/2011 Tom Good Named Resident Officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan
10/25/2011 The John C. Cruden Federal Agency Pro Bono Leadership Award
01/06/2012 Terry Morgan named Regional Director in Detroit
03/21/2012 Terry D. Combs is appointed Assistant to the Regional Director in NLRB's Tampa Regional Office
01/30/2014 Stacee Smith is Named Nashville Resident
03/30/2011 Shelley Coppock named Assistant to the Regional Director in Oakland (Region 32)
12/27/2010 Rosalind E. Hill named Deputy Assistant General Counsel in NLRB
01/06/2012 Ronald Hooks named Regional Director in Seattle
01/31/2011 Robert Schiff named Chief of Staff to Chairman Liebman
01/15/2013 Richard Fox appointed Regional Attorney in Newark Regional Office
05/21/2012 Richard Bock appointed Deputy Assistant General Counsel in the NLRB's Division of Operations-Management
02/11/2014 Richard A. Bock Named Deputy Associate General Counsel in NLRB's Division of Legal Counsel
08/29/2012 Remembering Tom Miller, long-time Director of the NLRB Division of Information
06/20/2013 Remembering Richard A. Siegel, Former Associate General Counsel in Division of Operations-Management
04/05/2012 Remembering Peter E. Donnelly, former Administrative Law Judge
11/13/2013 Remembering Godfrey Dudley
07/04/2011 Remembering former NLRB Chairman John C. Truesdale, whose Agency career spanned six decades
03/16/2011 Remembering Ernie Dowd, former Regional Director in Tampa (Region 12)


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