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 Litigation arising from a 1991 strike by Los Angeles employees of Caterair International, which provides catering for commercial airlines, resulted in a settlement in 2005 that included $4.069 million in backpay, bonuses, and interest for 235.

One of the NLRB's greatest success stories is the large number of unfair labor practice cases that result in settlements. Settlements can be between the private parties informally or between the Board and the party that committed the unfair labor practice. In Board settlement agreements, the Agency monitors compliance by the employer or union.

The Agency actively encourages the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the issues at the earliest possible stage of an unfair labor practice case. Settlements are the most effective way to improve relationships between the parties and permit the Agency to concentrate its limited resources on other cases by avoiding costly litigation expenses.

During the last ten years, as a result of settlements, the NLRB has distributed nearly $430,000,000 to American workers in back pay for earnings lost as a result of unfair labor practices committed by employers and unions. As shown below, some of these settlements have involved millions of dollars and thousands of workers. When added to amounts collected by the Agency as a result of all settlements and compliance with NLRB and court orders over this ten year period, the NLRB has collected nearly $1,200,000,000.

Case Name Back pay and Other Claims Total Number of Employees Receiving Year Claim Paid
Lucent Technologies, Inc. and Avaya, Inc. $130,000,000 8000 2001
United States Postal Service $63,000,000 2000 2000
Greyhound Lines, Inc. $21,000,000 6000 2001
Hubert Distributors, Inc. $10,200,000 308 2009
German Motors Corp. $7,700,000 235 2009
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation $7,000,000 3600 2006
Eastown Distributors Company $6,900,000 230 2008
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation $5,000,000 2950 2006
Royal Farms $2,000,000 2022 2005
Wells Dairy, Inc. $1,200,000 2600 2004
Sikorsky Aircraft $62,500 2163 2007

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